An honest attempt at conversation

Thanks again to Josh for another post!

With the first 6 weeks finished- I imagine many of you are similarly wondering how we can generate a bit more conversation and engagement with this blog. What is it’s purpose? Is this an advice column? Are we suppose to share our research (what research?) Although I often loathe group work- I find it much easier to sit across from colleagues and share thoughts and ideas than to scrap together valuable comments or blog posts. My apologies for being so inimical- I imagine we could generate some excellent conversation in a different setting! 

For those who have not stumbled across this story- or are not in Prof. Caidi’s Foundations class, our southern neighbours are “celebrating” open/public access to federally-funded research as of last Friday. According to the statement released by the White House, “the final policy reflects substantial inputs from scientists and scientific organizations, publishers, members of Congress, and other members of the public – over 65 thousand of whom recently signed a We the People petition asking for expanded public access to the results of taxpayer-funded research.” (

According to the new legislation access to taxpayer-funded research is now required within 12 months of publication, similar to NIH’s current policies. 

But to who’s advantage is the access of this information? Sure the “politically-active” and the information professionals are on board- but the general public? Really? 

As mentioned by a classmate, one disadvantage to public access of research is the so-called edge given to competitors and private institutions conducting similar/same research. And where is this information going to be accessible? From the internet? From the publishers? Archives? Government?

While I have only touched on this topic- I am wondering what you all think about this move. Is it indeed a “landmark”? How does it affect the researcher and/or publisher? Who is going to use this information?

– would love to hear your thoughts, and thanks for putting up with me 🙂