Baseball and Peer Review

I recall last week that Professor Galey was talking about how baseball (or was it softball?) would be a useful metaphor for peer review, or at least I think that’s what he said – my memory is hazy. Either way, this article provides a helpful way to think of peer review, and should be useful as people begin proofreading and submitting assignments!

Alan D. Meyer. “Balls, Strikes, and Collisions on the Base Path: Ruminations of a Veteran Reviewer” in Frost, Peter, and Taylor, M. Susan. 1996. Rhythms of Academic Life: Personal Accounts of Careers in Academia .SAGE publications.

Edit: I originally forgot to add my name!

Happy peer reviewing,

Katherine Laite

One thought on “Baseball and Peer Review

  1. Sports analogies offer a fascinating way of thinking about the world. Just like metaphors pertaining to the sea, metaphors involving British football (i.e., soccer) can be used to establish a subject’s cultural heritage. Of course, as with lexical variants, sports analogies suggest a way of seeing things which requires that the writer and reader be on the same page. Say ‘Hat Trick’ to an American and he or she will conclude differently from an Englishman or Canadian: Hat trick carries different meanings in baseball, hockey, and football.

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