Connecting the Dots

Hello to everyone out there in research land!

As I futzed about with my SSHRC application over the weekend, I couldn’t help but wonder if anyone was going through the same thing as I was at the moment.  I hit the alarming realization that my research interests didn’t necessarily align with my actual abilities and skills as well as I would like.  This was startling for a number of reasons, the first being that I was going to have to justify my ability to engage in this research within the assignment.  

As much as I would love to study the works and cultural impact of Gilbert & Sullivan operettas for the rest of my life, I actually don’t know a great deal about them in a scholarly context and I’ve never studied them from an academic perspective.  All in all, not a great money-maker.  

Never fear though, I wouldn’t be telling the world about this if I hadn’t figured out how to swing my skills and the assignment in the appropriate directions.  I thought back to my interests, including – but not limited to – self-perception, introversion/extroversion, cultural diaspora and sexuality.  And then I thought more about the field that I now intend to enter: the big, wide world of information.  Long story short: I’ve worked out my assignment and I’m hoping that it flies with the shadowy board of figures.

I couldn’t help but think back to Marcia Bates’ colloquium, where she talked about how Information is one of the few areas of study that can be applied across a vast multitude of disciplines.  I think we’re all actually really fortunate in that regard.  The opportunity to take any dot of information out there in the universe and draw a line back to ourselves is actually a huge advantage, and I’ve only just come to realize the magnitude of this power.

Yours in research,


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