Late to the Cocktail Party

Hello everyone,

My name’s Laura and I’m a first-year MI student with a concentration in LIS.  I’m aware that I’m pretty late to the party at the moment, and I have no real excuse for that except that the last two weeks have been jam-packed with extra-curricular organization.  As a result, all of my blog entries are currently scribbled on bits of paper and I’m just getting them together now.  In order to make life easier for the people reading this, I’ll be writing out several of my overdue blog entries, rather than forcing you all to read four weeks’ worth of thoughts in one go.

Let’s start with potential research interests.  My BA is in English Literature, and I have an extra-curricular background in arts administration, with a sprinkling of sex-positive advocacy.  I’ve always been heavily involved with the latter, whether it’s operational volunteer work or self-started projects.  I also have a general interest in how people perceive themselves and their surroundings (self-described extroverts/introverts, etc).

Worryingly, I don’t really recognize any of my interests as being instantly researchable and that’s one of my main concerns for this class.  I feel as though what I do, what I study and what I want to know more about don’t mesh together as well they should (or as well as I want).

Since coming into the program, I’ve only just started to realize the potential for research in LIS, but I have no idea if my topic will have anything to do with it.  Introverts in the library?  The existence of reading addictions? (my thoughts: false) Only time will tell.

Yours in research,


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