Critical Making & eHealth

The Matt Ratto reading was an exciting field trip from the Luker and Knight texts this week.

I am registered to take INF1006 with Matt in the second half of this semester and was a little nervous about the expectations and learning outcomes. Upon further perusal of the Critical Making Lab website as well as after reading Ratto’s article, I am excited by his hope to “make concepts more apprehendable, to bring them in ways to the body, not only the brain, and to leverage student and researchers personal experiences to make new connections between the lived space of the body and the conceptual space of scholarly knowledge.” (2011, 254)

I am specifically engaged by the notion of building upon constructivist pedagogy and applying constructionism to the area of humanities and social sciences. I am also eager to apply Matt’s notion of “body knowledge” to an area of research that I am quite interested in – mobile consumer health. The Centre for eHealth Innovation ( is a research institution devoted to eHealth, where a mobile app has been designed to aid in the self-management of adolescent Type 1 Diabetes ( as well as another app called Breathe which is an Asthma self-management application for consumers (

I would be interested in research and design surrounding the use of consumer health mobile applications to assist people with mental health disorders such as Anxiety and PTSD …

Another area that this week’s reading sparked interest for me in was robotics. If you have some time and/or simply need a little break, this TedTalk is quite interesting and an amazing instance of (at least what I believe is) Critical Making.

Thanks for reading!

–          Vanessa Kitchin

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