Week 2 & Introduction

Hi all,

I’m Vanessa and I am also in my second year of the MI program in the LIS path. Agnes, I love that you love information visualization – I find it quite fascinating myself. Have you checked out http://create.visual.ly/ ? A great place to create infographs.

I have tried to focus my MI degree (as much as possible) on health sciences librarianship and I am interested in evidence-based health care as well as consumer health.

To speak a little to the readings, I found the way Luker discusses some of the frameworks through which social scientists conduct research to be relevant to my development of a research question for the course. Her insight into a pre-Foucauldian versus a current Foucauldian era in which “all of us who try to say something about the human condition in an empirical way have become much more skeptical of the enterprise than we used to be” (p. 8) resonates with my preliminary research considerations. I am considering developing a research question around literacy interventions for at-risk youth and so I appreciate Luker’s attention to power dynamics and the perils of “power relations among different kinds of stakeholders” (p. 3) as issues of power seem to be inherent in everything I consider.


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